Outdoor Track - Girls

Head Coach - Mr. Rangel


Ode to Track
By Kayla Ranere

"What is Track and Field?" is a question that every incoming freshman on this team will ask. We all know it's running, throwing, and jumping, but I'm here to enlighten you on what this sport is beyond that. There are a few core values that this sport embraces, and one of these values is BEING TOUGH. People think it's ludicrous that we practice in freezing cold rain, snow, and immense heat. We have meets during school breaks, we wake up early, and we take on challenging workouts. I know this may not sound appealing, but this is the truth, and it's worth it in the end when you accomplish something that seemed impossible to achieve on your first day here; something you could have never imagined being capable of. Everyday we exceed our limits and continue to get better through dedication and toughness. We do things differently, and that's how we achieve the goals that nobody thought could be accomplished.

Next, we are about BUILDING CONFIDENCE. Everyday you will be faced with physical and mental obstacles that will help you to run the time you couldn't run before, finish the workout you couldn't complete earlier, and build the confidence you once lacked. Everyday here you will be creating a better version of yourself. You will eventually be able to negate every negative thought that comes your way. You will learn to find an equilibrium between pushing yourself and being kind to yourself.

Lastly, Track and Field values TEAM FIRST MENTALITY. We have won many conference championships including Western divisional titles, FCIAC and State Class LL, as well as State Open Championships. Part of what contributes to our continuous success is the support we supply to one another. We cheer for our teammates on every single lap of the 3200, we stay friends even when the season is over rather than becoming strangers in the hallway. The bond we share on this team is something that is rare. Whether things aren't going great at home, or school is really hard, you can walk through those gym doors at 2:15 everyday and know you have a coach, captain, upperclassmen, or really just anyone who will be there for you. So, "What is Track and Field?" We are the accumulation of toughness, dedication, confidence, and most importantly, teamwork. Come out and be a part of the excellence that is the Danbury Girls Track and Field Team.