Mission Statement, Beliefs, Learning Expectations

Danbury High School Seal

Mission Statement

Danbury High School, in partnership with the community, is committed to fostering a challenging, supportive, and inclusive culture that empowers all students to develop the skills and knowledge necessary to lead productive and self-fulfilling lives.

Vision Statement

Danbury High School aspires to be an equitable community that supports social-emotional and cognitive growth so all learners can achieve their highest potential in a global society.

Belief Statements of The Danbury Public Schools

We believe that…

Children are our first priority and that all educational decisions must be made in their best interest and should be based upon solid educational research, the best available evidence and validated experiences,

Each child is unique with individual talents and needs, each has intrinsic worth and each child can become a life long learner and achieve success,

Each child must have ample opportunity to meet the outcome expectations of the Learning Tree with regard to the content knowledge, universal skills and attitudes and attributes of character that comprise the curriculum for the Danbury Public Schools,

We must hold our educators, board members, employees, students and their parents/guardians to high expectations for learning, development and comportment and the educational community must make a concerted effort to engage and continuously involve parents in the education of their children,
We, as educators, board members, employees and parents/guardians are accountable to the community at large for the education of our children and that collectively, we must work as a team to promote high levels of achievement and success for our students,


In a Professional Learning Community, it’s more about learning and less about teaching,


We must continuously maintain safe and orderly learning environments based upon mutual respect, trust and cooperation in order to support student and staff achievement.

Academic Expectations


Danbury High School students:

1.1 Read closely and analytically to comprehend a range of increasingly complex literary and informational texts.

1.2 Produce effective and well-grounded writing for a range of purposes and audiences.

1.3 Employ effective speaking and listening skills for a range of purposes and audiences.

1.4 Engage in research/inquiry to investigate topics, and to analyze, integrate, and present information.

1.5 Explain and apply mathematical concepts and interpret and carry out mathematical procedures with precision and fluency.

1.6 Solve a range of complex well-posed problems in pure and applied mathematics, making productive use of knowledge and problem solving strategies.

1.7 Clearly and precisely construct viable arguments to support their own reasoning and to critique the reasoning of others.

1.8 Analyze complex, real-world scenarios and can construct and use mathematical models to interpret and solve problems.


Civic Expectations


Danbury High School students:

2.1 Work independently and collaboratively to solve problems and accomplish goals.   

Social Expectations


Danbury High School students:

3.1 Value and demonstrate personal responsibility, character, cultural understanding and ethical behavior.