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Ms. Jackie DiNardo
Academic Athletic Coach

The Alliance for Academic Athletic Coaches and Educators (3ACE) was created and established by the AthLife Foundation to virtually connect Secondary Education professionals who work to develop student athletes holistically both on and off the playing field and beyond sports. This national peer-to-peer network (3ACE Connected Community) will shape the future for the student athlete development industry in Secondary Education across the country.
The Academic Athletic Coach plays an integral role in helping high school athletes perform at a higher level to succeed in the classroom, on the field/court and self-worth as a person. The athlete needs to recognize how to achieve their success through hard work and a positive attitude. Athletic participation provides you with moral values that will make you a well rounded person for future endeavors.
Class Act is a group of athletes with the academic athletic coach who will be positive role models to demonstrate good sportsmanship through positive examples. Good sportsmanship is one of the most important parts of any athletic event.

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