Freshman Academy

Mr. Kris Davidson, Assistant Principal

(203) 797-4842

Mrs. Pat Talarico, Secretary

(203) 797-4842


The Freshman Academy is an exciting program that will create a small learning community to support incoming 9th graders as they transition to high school. A comprehensive teamed approach will enable academy staff to implement targeted intervention strategies, effectively plan inter-disciplinary learning experiences, and communicate progress and concerns to students' families. The goal of the Academy is to ensure that all students have a connection to school, are supported academically and socially through a systemic approach, and are prepared to have a successful high school experience.

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Team 1

L. Fraites
C. MacKinnon

H. Salamone
J. Thivierge
     Team 5

P. Aikman
N. Fraticelli

C. Hessler
K. Lamb

Team 2 (Website)

N. Cornelio
N. Dias
M. Hughes

J. D'Isidoro
A. Tieri

Team 6

M. Franco
L. Kimble
D. Valenti

N. Travis
M. Teel
Team 3
M. English
J. Pascarelli
L. Silva

M. Sinha
C. Genovese

Team 7

C. McGowan
C. Bock
K. Boucher

N. Carnevalla
C. Dufel
C. Hanrahan
Team 4

M. Bresson
N. Foley
L. Hope

D. Samaha
E. Shirmer

Team 8

J. Cowden
F. Demunda

J. Fusco
E. Pardalis