1950 Golf Team

1950 Golf Team

Danbury High School Golf Team

A mere four years after the 1946 Danbury High Golf team won their Fairfield County and State Championships, Mr. Walter Peterson coached his team to another state championship. The state championship was held at the Brooklawn Country Club in Fairfield. The following were members of the 1950 DHS State Championship team:

Because he had to take a year off for an illness, Carmen was the lone repeater from the 1946 DHS Golf championship team. So Carmen holds the distinction of being a member of both the 1946 and 1950 Danbury High School Golf State Championship teams. The low scorer in the 1950 championship, Carmen birdied the last two holes and scored a 77.

Frank is remembered as the only golfer to beat Jerry Corvell at the Ridgewood Country Club in match play in high school. Frank was the only defeat Jerry had in all his high school matches. After being part of the 1950 championship, Frank continued playing golf after his 1953 graduation from Danbury High. Frank won six Dusty League titles in a row with the Barden Corporation team and three in a row with Independent Hose Company number 4.

Mike grew up in Danbury near the Ridgewood Country Club and also caddied with his teammates. The 1950 DHS Golf Team had a five-man roster and Mike was an alternate. He was a rare cross-handed golfer which is very unusual. Many pros tried to get Mike to switch, but he went on to succeed and had a final round of 86 at the 1950 golf state championship. Mike worked in Danbury for the Sperry Rail Corporation as a manager. He was a member of the Independent Hose Company on Hoyt Street for many years.

Besides being a great golfer, Arnie played basketball and was treasurer of the Student Council and the senior class. After graduation from Danbury High, Arnie attended the US Naval Academy in Annapolis, MD. He received his Bachelor's degree from Western Connecticut State University (then known as Danbury State Teachers College), his Master's degree from the University of Connecticut and his Doctorate from the University of Bridgeport. He first worked as a teacher in Danbury and later as a school principal in New Milford. He spent 17 years as the Principal of Veterans Park Elementary School in Ridgefield. After retirement he worked for the University of Bridgeport as a supervisor of education interns.

Like many of our other golf honorees tonight, Ralph began his career as a tenyear old caddy at the Ridgewood Country Club. After being a member and the captain of the 1950 DHS Golf State Championship team, Ralph went to Western Connecticut State University, graduating with a BS degree in 1954. He was inducted in the Westconn Hall of Fame for baseball in October 2003. An army veteran who was stationed in Germany, Ralph returned home and earned his Master's degree from Fairfield University in 1958. Throughout his life, Ralph has stayed involved with golf through various charitable fund-raising efforts as a member of the Brooklawn Country Club in Fairfield where he is an eight-time senior club champion and a ten handicap. In 1987, Ralph participated in the US Senior Open as a "marker" sponsored by the USGA at Brooklawn. For eight years, Ralph served as Board President of the Cardinal Sheehan Center in Bridgeport. For his efforts, Ralph was awarded the Golden Tee Award. The Papal honor was bestowed to Ralph by the Diocese of Bridgeport and conferred as a Knight of Saint Gregory in February 1992.

Frank was a member of the 1950 DHS Golf State Championship team who also got his start as a caddy, winning several caddy tournaments. After his 1951 graduation, Frank served in the army in the Korean War. After his honorable discharge from the army, Frank worked at Davis and Geck and then the city of Danbury as a Data Processing Manager. Throughout the years, Frank stayed involved in sports with the Industrial golf league and the Frank H. Lee and Industrial basketball leagues. Community service organizations such as the Red Cross, Junior Achievement, Community Chest, and the American Cancer Society all have benefitted from Frank's service. Still playing golf with the Richter Senior league.

Leon, also known as "The Champ" was a member of the Danbury High School 1950 Golf State Championship. Leon lived in Brookfield and was a two-sport athlete. Not only did he excel in golf, he also played basketball. It was said about Leon, "give him a golf club, and he's happy." He graduated from DHS in 1951.