All students are expected to:

  • Report to their assigned attendance check-in gym with their roster teacher after
    changing into appropriate attire.
  • Students that are not in assigned area for check-in will be marked absent from class.
  • Be punctual to class. Locker room doors will be locked at the late bell.  Students will have five minutes to change, lock up their belongings, and be present in their attendance check-in gym with their roster teacher.
  • Participate fully in both fitness and unit activities. If you do not participate you will not receive credit for that day.
  • Demonstrate appropriate behavior (good sportsmanship, respect, cooperation, teamwork, safety, proper use of equipment).
  • All electronic devices, listening devices, and backpacks must be locked in your lockers and not brought down to class. (Points will be deducted)
  • Be properly attired for class: sneakers, t-shirt, sweatshirt, athletic shorts, sweatpants
  • Students must NOT wear shirts that expose any portion of the waist, hips, midriff or chest.
  • Students must NOT wear tank tops.
  • Students must wear shorts of appropriate length.  Shorts should have hemlines that are mid-thigh. At Danbury High School, mid-thigh is defined as: While holding arms down at your side, the mid-thigh is at the end of your fingertips.
  • Students must NOT wear jewelry while participating in P.E. classes.
  • Students will NOT be able to participate in an activity without sneakers.
  • Remain in locker room until the bell rings.
  • Exit the gym area through the locker rooms located on E2; no student is to leave
    the gym area from E1.