The Following Criteria Shall be Met to be Eligible for Nomination to the Danbury High School Hall of Fame
  • The nominee must be out of high school for ten (10) years.
  • The nominee must have graduated from Danbury High School. (Exceptions will be made for special circumstances.)
  • Each nominee must have made a significant achievement in their sport. This may have taken place at the high school, college, professional or amateur levels. All-star teams, tournaments, and awards were uncommon in earlier eras. Achievements should be on record and verified by copies of news clippings, yearbooks, certificates of awards, etc. Also documentation of achievements might not exist, especially for older nominees. This should be taken into consideration.
  • Each nominee must exemplify the principles of sportsmanship
    and citizenship as outlined in the Danbury High School Student and Athletic Handbooks.
  • Nominees other then athletes may also be inducted. Coaches, sports supportive individuals, doctors, trainers, etc.
  • Any nominee not inducted in any given year may be eligible in ensuing years.
  • The nominee should be so outstanding that there is no legitimate question about qualifying for the Danbury High School Hall of Fame.
  • Teams may be eligible under outstanding situations.