English Department

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K. Anglace
 L. Beal
 R. Coletti
Danielle Simonelli, Department Head

(203) 797-4732

M. Csvihinka
 J. D'Isidoro
 M. Espinoza
G. Euchner
 J. Fusco
 C. Hanrahan
C. Hessler
 J. Hitchcock
 T. Leahy
C. MacKinnon
 N. Martone
 K. Neider
N. Nesi
 S. Oseafiana
 R. Perry
T. Porcelli
 A. Prudhomme-Cox
 T. Ross
F. Shaham
 D. Simonelli
 E. Stankiewicz
M. Teel
 C. Whitt-Barrett
 V. Wood

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English Curriculum Overview
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